Coming Out - UPDATE April 2, 2019

Photos sent to me today show that Lucky and Holly came out. I suspect the weather was as confusing to them as it was to me. Mostly it blew and snowed so hard that distant trees looked like shadows. SiskinSiskinThen the sky became beautiful blue with welcome sunshine. For a few minutes. However, advancing clouds came fast, making the sky dark with more wind and snow than before. .

PA BearPA BearIn Pennsylvania, there was a brief and educational coming out by the mother. When you hear the increasing intensity of the cubs cries in this 12-minute video,, you feel the cub’s anxiety and desperate need for mom. She returned. The video ends with the contented, pulsing hum of nursing.

WoodchuckWoodchuckOut the window here, any seed I put out was quickly covered with snow. Finding food was hard for the critters. When the sun finally came out in late afternoon, siskins flocked in so hungry that they tolerated my little pocket camera against the window less than a foot away.

Before the snow started this morning, the hungry woodchuck (that I think is a mom) was good to ignore me as I shot pictures two feet away through the window. Both sunflower seed hearts and organic broccoli were on the menu for her. She ate the broccoli first.

SiskinSiskinTo the mink’s menu, I added thin-sliced, smoked, chopped, pressed beef containing a flavoring solution. He stuck to the bologna. After he left, a gull spotted the beef and readily choked it down after I had already tossed him 4 slices of bologna that he caught in the air. A gull that is familiar with the program from last year but I can’t quite identify. I say him because he is big.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center