Signs of Spring - UPDATE March 30, 2019

The winter flock of over a dozen blue jays here has broken up. Only a mated pair remains. The male nicely feeds her as he will faithfully do throughout the nesting period while she incubates the eggs.TashaTasha kicking back He will also do it occasionally throughout the year, as we see happening throughout the winter when mated pairs are part of the flock here.

At the Bear Center signs of spring are Ted and Tasha coming out of their dens. 20190330 Denning graphDenning chart (click here for pdf)They are both pretty lethargic, though, as shown in this 3:38-minute video of Tasha and in pictures of Ted following up on his brunch by carrying the bowl into his den and sleeping with it next to his head.

Records from the past few years suggest that Holly and Lucky will be out any day now. We’ll see.

Other signs of spring are the work being done to be ready for the partial opening on weekends beginning April 5 and the full daily opening beginning May 1. That includes getting the pond ready, thanks to your support, as Scott and Spencer discuss in this 6:48-minute video It also includes work on exhibit upgrades as Scott discusses in this 1:33-minute video about the photos in the viewing area and this 5:17-minute video about the Cub Room.

Ted Ted Ted
Ted and his bowl

The Pennsylvania cub is becoming active and may reveal whether it is a male or female. Photos gave a hint today, but I couldn’t tell how close to the tail the protuberance was. Males and females have similar protuberances, but the female’s is near the tail and the male’s is a little farther up on the belly.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center