Tasha and the PA Bear and Cub - UPDATE March 24, 2019

At the Bear Center, warm weather melted a bit of the ice surface, giving us a nice reflection of the trees a couple days ago.Pond reflectionsPond reflections at NABC

A couple days ago, Holly was in a gentle mood and looks like she is giving Lucky a love bite.

Holly & Lucky playHolly & Lucky playThe weather seems to agree with Tasha to the point that she is continuing her nightly ventures. I don’t know if she returns to her den or not. On her venture last night, she took down the thermometer for the second year in a row. When will we learn? Good to see her out and curious about something unfamiiar.

In Pennsylvania, the cub is adorably cute and viewers are having fun. I’m glad to see Pennsylvania giving us all an opportunity to continue our learning directly from bears. A brave chipmunk was close to the mother in easy view, and she seemed to be ignoring it. The Den Cam bears here in Minnesota sometimes ignored small animal intruders and sometimes swatted at them.

TashaTasha with thermometer PA familyPA Bear family PA bears with chipmunkPA bears with chipmunk

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center