Bear Action! - UPDATE March 17, 2019

Pictures and videos that people sent me show that bear action is ramping up in Minnesota and Pennsylvania. TedTed

At the Bear Center, Holly and Lucky engaged in quiet, gentle play that was more snuggling than the vigorous play they sometimes do. Lucky kept his mouth wide open as Holly pawed him and put her mouth near his in this 3:47-minute video From yesterday, this 7:57-minute video shows Holly eager to play, pawing and wriggling as she tried to rouse Lucky from his lethargy of the moment.

Ted held still for a beautiful, sharp picture of him basking in the sun on 38°F day, and this 4:06-minute video shows him venturing out on snow that is forming a crust in these days of thawing and freezing

Pennsylvania bearsPennsylvania bearsFrom Pennsylvania came an endearing 4-minute video that is a taste of what is to come as this cute cub gains coordination and becomes ever more active –also a nice picture of the cub looking at the camera. I think it is great that Pennsylvania is making this video of a bear denning under a house available to the public.

On the Bobcat versus Lynx question, the photo leaves us uncertain and hoping that it goes to the deer carcass and gives the trail cam a better picture. I was looking for long ear tufts and a black tip on the tail that covers the entire end for an inch or so and wasn’t sure if I was seeing that or not. One of the respondents was looking for the same and wasn’t sure. A respondent from Florida who has seen plenty of bobcats said, BOBCAT!. A third said bobcat based on relatively short legs and darker spots. Another remarked about the fullness of the belly and that this cat might be a female ready to give birth as they do in spring. Bobcats are far more common than lynx around here, but in this extra cold winter (average temperature for February was 3.8°F rather than the long-time average of 10.8°F) lynx have been sighted. I’m leaning toward bobcat.

I gave the gray fox a choice of cooked rainbow trout and bologna and he was not nearly so decisive as the mink was in taking the bologna. He liked both.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife

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