Bear Action, Cute Cub - UPDATE March 16, 2019

Bear Fans were watching and catching videos and photos to send me for the update.Gray foxGray fox

Cute weebly wobbly cub action starts at 6:30 minutes into this 9:19 minute video

And here are 2:17 minutes of cute cub action when the cub gets out from under the maw paw, as the Bear Fan stated.

They also captured a good picture of the Pennsylvania mother yawning and a nice picture of Holly relaxing and yawning.

Gray fox on stairsGray fox on stairsOut the window, fearless mink Stripe made two visits for bologna and the gray fox left tracks from last night. A dusting of fresh snow showed tracks of two wolves passing by the driveway but not stopping in. They must not have heard of the bologna extravaganza here. Speaking of food, it’s out for dinner with Donna tonight. I’ll leave a little bologna out for the critters.

Back again with Donna. The fox readily took to her. I think a lot of people will be able to do the same. He was fascinated with something in the distance with ears focused. Not sure if it is another fox. A half mile away, foxes are on the alert a lot because of a bobcat or lynx. I can’t tell from the trail cam picture of the cat on the deer carcass there.

PA BearPA Bear Bobcat or Lynx?Bobcat or Lynx? Holly den camHolly den cam

Heading home with homework. A good day.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center