It’s Contest Time, Lucky, and the PA bear - UPDATE March 12, 2019

Who can be the first to guess the date or weight of the bears when they emerge officially.Lucky in the denLucky in the den - 3/11/19The dates and weights of the four bears total 8 prizes. Here are the rules, details, etc.

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After the nice reception he got from Holly the other day, Lucky looked serene yesterday. A peaceful den.

PA mother bearPA mother bearA den that is warmer and wetter than we have here is in Pennsylvania where melt water drips on the mother, reminding me of Blackheart and her cubs Dot and Donna back in 2000. There was not enough water to flood the den, and the cubs could have stayed dry underneath her, but they were becoming very active with emergence just around the corner, and drops were falling from the den ceiling. Blackheart (as well as June with her cubs Lily, Cal, and Bud in 2007) wanted to keep them dry. Both Blackheart and June busily licked drops off the cubs.

Blackheart doing that was a scene in “The Man Who Walks With Bears” that aired about March 1, 2001. Producer/Cameraman Doug Hajicek did a nice job on that, and he came up to Ely for the premiere celebration. That documentary was the start of documentaries (mostly BBC) showing that black bears are not the ferocious animals they are often portrayed as. I feel fortunate that producers came out of the woodwork wanting to show something real—not the usual hype that makes bears look bad to draw audiences. Doug’s documentary aired over 70 times on Animal Planet and a couple other channels, giving a big boost to the new view of bears.

Along that line, I’m working with an author who is writing a book about the life of Charlie Russell that does the same thing for bears. The book should make a difference.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center