The Cold is Easing - UPDATE March 6, 2019

With temperatures mostly about zero today and heading into days between 28° and 33°F, action is ramping up.Happy TedHappy Ted

Taught by Bears caught a video of Ted looking like he would like some company. He walked out to the fence and looked toward where people come from and then went back to his comfort place where she caught some great views of him.

The new high resolution web cams at the NABC are providing such clear, crisp images of the bears. Liz Schaefer snapped some really nice photos of the action that are an excellent record of the white hairs that stand out so prominently on Ted's head at 22 years of age.Ted eating snowTed eating snow

On the second level where I work the snow is up to the window, which means I can crank it open and hand out bologna to the mink or fox that visit.

By day it was the mink named Stripe. He was too quick for me to get a picture as he grabbed and went running back to his burrow under the 1st floor deck. He was calm and trusting but eager for the bologna on both visits.

By night, it was the gray fox, calm and trusting in his own way. He introduces himself by hopping up on the snow. As soon as he sees me look his way, he hops down and goes to the door. But today, I cranked open the window. He saw what I was doing and hopped back up and surprised me by eating the bologna in place. I tried to get pictures, but my good camera is out for repairs, and my old camera doesn’t do well in low light. The shutter speed is down around 1/20th of a second which means the tiniest movement is a blur. I felt privileged because when I came looming over him at the window, he just casually looked up for an instant to verify it was safe. He kept on eating, looking around in other directions. I was making clanking noises he is not used to, but knowing that unpredictable noises come from the cabin, he didn’t bother to look up even though I was less than 3 feet from him through the window (now closed). It was like the bears that would hardly look at an observer accompanying them as long as the observer stayed close enough for easy identification.

Gray Fox Gray Fox Gray Fox

Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to the Hinckley Gathering at the Grand Casino at noon to 5 PM on April 13 and to the Black Bear Field Study Courses in July and August. As I write things and look back, the recent years hold so many memories involving so many people. It feels good to get together at these gatherings. Plus, we will build new memories with the bears in the courses. Lily should have cubs this year.

Thank you for all you have done and do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center