Mink Melodrama and More Momentous News - UPDATE January 3, 2019

With no mink sightings during the recent cold, two mink appeared on this day of above freezing temperatures. With the temperature at 37°F, the mink with the clear chin patch appeared and almost politely took a slice of bologna. 20190103 MinkMink StripeA few minutes later the mink with the striped chin patch appeared but paused where it is shown in the photograph. Did it smell Clear-patch? Clear had gone under the deck on the right side of the picture. Suddenly, Clear emerged from that spot and was up and fighting with Stripe. I couldn’t tell which was which in the flurry of motion. Then one ran off. A moment later, I saw the victor well enough with binoculars to see it was Stripe. I was glad to see both of them still around. I suspect they were holed up out of the wind through the cold. I hope we have many warm days to see them come out for a visit.

The momentous news is what I’ve been seeing in my emails all day. You who follow the research knew the possible implications when you heard that new Governor Tim Walz appointed a new DNR commissioner. We’ll see what that means for bears, you, and Minnesota. I would love to work with the many good and honest DNR people and show the world what we can do together. Crossing my fingers.

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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