What Do Bears Do In Winter? - UPDATE December 23, 2018

Taught caught another lesson in winter bear behavior on this 6:47-minute video MinkMinkfrom a few days ago Ted, snow snacks and straw raking - 12/19/18 - YouTube

With the temperature at 34°F, Ted saw an opportunity for snow snacks and made the familiar dimples in the snow.

Out the window yesterday, my favorite mink posed for a picture. Today, the mink was back. It climbed up where it could see me, and ran to the door when it saw me get up. The mink stood up and watched me unwrap the bologna and open the door. Then it got cautious and circled back and forth. Finally, it snapped it out of my hand and went down the steps to eat it. Sometime later, it came back up and disappeared. Many minutes later I wondered. I looked down below the window where I can’t see from my desk and there the mink was waiting patiently, watching the door. I did the usual, and it was another grab and go after the usual cautious approach.

Gray fox Gray fox Gray fox
 Gray Fox

Among the usual chickadees and nuthatches was a new bird today—the first common redpoll I’ve seen this fall/winter.

After dark, a nice fox came and looked expectantly as I opened the door with bologna in my hand and tossed it. It almost hit the fox but the fox didn’t shy away. It knew what was happening. I wondered if it would try to catch it in the air, but it just watched where it went.

Northern flying squirrelNorthern flying squirrel ChickadeeBlack-capped chickadee Common redpollCommon redpoll

I wondered why the fox was so alert. It was another fox. The alert fox broke its routine and actually looked at me in the window for a second or two. Then it picked up a piece of bologna and was gone, carrying the bologna off into the woods in the opposite direction of the other fox.

The next act was flying squirrels. I was surprised to see them so early at 6 PM.

Despite, the distractions, I did get some work done.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center