And the Winner Is…- UPDATE December 14, 2018

You overwhelmingly picked the gray fox on the railing to go with the full body walking picture for the gray fox exhibit. Thank you. The loser was so sharp with such good depth of field , but the one you chose gave more feeling; and I think that will be more important to viewers, as you said. And I got a nice bunch of emails to read as a kind of connection. Thank you. Here are the two pictures.

Gray Fox on railing 2018 Gray Fox 2018

Today, we were choosing 10 pictures to have printed on metal at about 30 inches by 45 inches for the bear-viewing bleacher area there. Some have faded or are tattered. It’s going to look great with the pictures on metal. Exciting. They want to replace all four grizzly/brown bear pictures. Here are two of the replacements they selected. Both are in Katmai National Park where I would like to go again as a guide someday with a group to work off John Rogers’ nice boat (Katmai Coastal Bear Tours) to go on shore to mingle with these big bears that have never been a problem to me. Sometimes they come close enough to touch—even mothers with cubs. It sounds bad but neither I nor anyone with me has ever had a problem. Many good stories. The pretty scene is in Kukak Bay. The action picture is in Hallo Bay. I suspect that some of you reading this have been there and can relate. I want to tell some of the stories in the book.

Griz crossing stream Griz leaping

At the Bear Center, Spencer Peter, our biologist/educator fed a male red-breasted nuthatch and a black-capped chickadee from his hand back on the nature trail as was captured in this 44-second video. I suspect he is getting the birds used to that so he can give children that experience when he leads them to that spot. He organizes groups to visit the Bear Center.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center


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