A Beautiful Day - UPDATE December 11, 2018

The day started with the trees covered with beautiful hoar frost glittering in the sun on this windless blue sky day. Temperature 7°F. Hoar frost on birch leafBirch leafI snapped a few pictures on the way to work. I didn’t realize how fragile hoar frost is. A slight breeze started and the hoar frost came twinkling down like stars. By afternoon, it all disappeared even though the temperature stayed well below freezing. I believe some blew down and some evaporated.

Hoar frost on birch catkinsBirch catkins 20181211 Hoar frostHoar frost Hoar frost fallingHoar frost falling

The big male mink stopped by for a couple pictures, and I’m wondering how old he is. The photos showed some white hairs on his head and body. We know that old bears get a lot of white hairs like that.

Male mink white hairsMale mink w/white hairs Male mink white hairsMale mink w/ white hairs Northern flying squirrelNorthern flying squirrel

Last night, a northern flying squirrel posed, showing how its ‘wing’ of loose skin stretches along the foreleg all the way to its wrist. It’s the same on the back leg, so when they stretch out their legs they stretch the skin taut to glide.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center