Deer and a Santa Lookalike - UPDATE December 8, 2018

Out the window, I noticed a deer in the yard watching me at my second-floor desk. It was dark out and the lights were on, so I was very visible. I wondered what the deer would do if I went out on the deck and threw down some corn. 20181208 DeerDeerThe whole neighborhood has been feeding the deer corn and alfalfa for years, with corn being their favorite. I reached into the noisy bag for a handful and the deer didn’t move. Farther away were two more deer. My quick movement to throw the corn made the nearby deer run to the others that turned out to be the mother and sibling. They watched without moving as I threw several handfuls. By the time I got back to my desk, they were on it. They knew what I was doing. I couldn’t help going downstairs and snapping a picture through the living room window of the busy deer lighted by the yard light. I’ve noticed that the deer are often more accepting of me in a window if the inside light is on, making me very visible, than if the light is out.

Today, a nice Lily Fan sent me this picture of little Lily looking like Santa Claus at the entrance of the den where she was born, along with Cal and Bud, to mother June in 2007. It shows her light face that turned into the light muzzle we all came to know.LilyLily

I don’t think Lily was really saying what the picture says, because she didn’t know what nuts were at that time, but that den holds many good memories. It was the beginning of Lily’s march to fame. Nine TV programs, including the BBC, requested video of the family calmly snuggled in the den. She had no idea of the educational outreach she would make possible in 2010-2013 as she created Lily Fans who turned out to be one of the best things that could happen for bears. You know the story. At this time, the Bear Center is creating a Lily and Hope exhibit to open in May.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center