Thank You! You Did It! - UPDATE November 16, 2018

Thank You!You guys came through! What a joy to see so many joining together to give the bears a deeper, more reliable pond so they can stay cool, play, and relax. The pond brings bears down to the front so visitors and webcam viewers can learn about their behavior. The pond is stimulating, as you all have seen—for the bears and the viewers. It was fun to be a part of last night and see the enthusiasm of the volunteers and staff who were making things happen at the bear center and seeing the numbers come in showing your enthusiasm and dedication around the world. Moe videoed this thank you

Gray Fox on railingGray fox on railing  Gray fox jumping...and jumping MinkMink

Out the window, it was gray foxes, red squirrels, mink, and birds.

The gray fox with the dot by the corner of its mouth now readily jumps up on the railing. It jumps down more hesitantly.

Black-capped chickadeeBlack-capped chickadee Red squirrelRed squirrel

The mink watches me throw bologna for him to get. I say ‘him’ because he is extra big. Bologna that falls through the cracks still gets eaten. The mink knows how to get under the boards and clean up lost slices.

Thank you for all you do and what you did yesterday.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center