Winter is Here - UPDATE November 9, 2018

With snow falling most of the day and the temperature at 13°F and forecast to go lower, Ted 11-7-2018Ted 11-7-2018I believe winter is here to stay. I was gone most of the day and went to a spaghetti dinner with Donna this evening, so I didn’t get any pictures, but everything is white—a fresh new landscape. At the Bear Center, Ted celebrated the change by settling back and not getting up to eat. This might be the beginning of hibernation for him for this year. The 10½-minute video of him getting a meal a couple days ago was close to the end of his eating for this year, I believe.

I hope a bear makes one more visit to the WRI so I can backtrack it and learn a little more about what these late-denning bears do.

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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