Wildlife at the NABC - UPDATE November 5, 2018

But first, something I never saw before. Wildlife have some of the same problems people do. I've never seen a wild animal have a spontaneous seizure. Red squirrel in seizureRed squirrel in seizureToday, on the second floor deck directly in front of my window, a red squirrel suddenly started flopping around, jerking and twisting. Then it relaxed like it was dying. It lay still. Ted  Ted Then it moved a little. I knew a fox would be up on the deck soon. It didn't seem like fair chase for him to catch this squirrel, so I went out and stood by it. It started to recover. It moved a couple feet to the edge of the deck and saw the fox just 8 feet below him. A minute later, the fox came up the steps, saw me, and retreated (even though they watch me through the window like I'm no danger). I looked back for the squirrel. It was gone. It had recovered enough to run 8 feet to the tree from the fox. I looked on the other side of the tree. It was clinging there 2 feet away, not moving, probably more afraid of the fox than me. It was safe. I didn't see it again. Shortly the fox came up and settled for bologna and dates. While foxes eat just below the railing, squirrels run back and forth on it, keeping an eye on the foxes. The foxes look but make no attempt.

At the NABC, a deer, gray fox, flying squirrel, fisher, raccoon, and snowshoe hare had their pictures taken at a little feeding spot back in the woods. I don't see many fishers, so that is extra cool to me.

Snowshoe hare at the NABCSnowshoe hare at the NABC Buck at NABCBuck at NABC Fisher at NABCFisher at NABC

With election day tomorrow, Ted is in the spirit with his own promotion sign on his chalet. Nearby, an odd mouse was captured scurrying about in the 6-minute video. The mouse has big ears like a woodland deer mouse but a stubby tail like a tiny bunny. Somehow, it lost its tail, making it recognizable in videos. Vinnie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VD2pf3UW7g

I wonder if the snowshoe hare is still in Ted's pen, or if that was the hare in the trail cam picture shown here.

Snowing 11-4Snowing 11-4 Same place next daySame place next day

The snow yesterday did not stick. The scene out the window is the exact spot that was snowy yesterday afternoon. Today, the branches were dripping but no snow. Through the branches you can see the old beaver lodge that has been there for over 40 years.

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center