What a Difference a Day Makes - UPDATE November 4, 2018

Yesterday, was sunny in the 40’s F as 7 white-tailed deer selected green blades of grass after a summer of favoring leafy vegetation.Gray fox 11-3Gray fox 11-3-18
They calmly and safely foraged just outside the window on this opening day of deer hunting season. A couple of them grazed near the fallen dead red pine snag that finally blew down this summer after two decades of hosting nests of pileated woodpeckers and hooded mergansers. I included a picture of the most recent brood of 9 hooded merganser ducklings just an hour after they leaped 23 feet from the nest and followed their mother 314 feet to Eagles Nest Lake One on June 22. We recently measured the distances on the log and Google Earth.

Out the window, a gray fox startled a flock of rusty blackbirds and looked up as they flew over.

Outside my office window on the second floor, a gray fox selected a hamburger bun from the tub of dates. A blue jay did the same a couple minutes later.

Gray FoxGray fox SnowingSnowing Deer eating grassDeer eating grass 11-3


Today, the world changed. Overnight, the clocks were off an hour, and this afternoon snow hit at 4 PM with the temperature at 34°F. The snow melted when it hit the ground. We’ll see how the view looks in the morning.

Hooded Merganser family 6-22-18Hooded mergansers 6-22-18 Deer by fallen treeDeer by fallen nest tree 11-3


Rusty blackbirdRusty blackbird Blue JayBlue Jay


The last bear left here at 10:15 PM on November 1 before there was any snow to backtrack what it was doing. This skittish bear had a long, full coat that made it hard to determine sex, but we’re pretty sure it’s a male yearling. We didn’t recognize him as a clan bear.

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center