Announcements of Two New Events - UPDATE November 1, 2018

I’ve been seeing e-mails come through today. Notifications of two things. 

GiveMN Banner

One is for Give to the Max Day. The actual event is November 15 but donations can be scheduled ahead of time, now through November 14 and will go toward prizes and golden tickets the same as donations made on the big day. Here a copy of the e-mail sent from NABC and has more information:

Bear Course Brochuree

The other is Black Bear Field Study Course registration for July and August 2019, which I’m looking forward to. Click here for more information and click here to download the above  PDF.

Gray foxGray foxOut the window, 2 yearlings are still coming. They are getting a start on life. Both are males. The longer the growing season, the more they grow, and the sooner they can win mating battles and sire cubs. The flying squirrels seem to know the bears have one thing on their minds—food. They eat sunflower seed hearts only 3-4 feet away from the bears, remaining alert for any worrisome movement by the bear.

Gray fox arched tailGray fox arched tailThe gray foxes show worry by arching their tails. We’ve seen that a lot. Today, a fox appeared near another. The startled fox hesitated as if to check the interloper’s identity, then ran with its tail arched. The dark top of the tail looks distinguished and eye-catching when arched. Foxes looked at me all day in their quest for dates, sunflower seeds, and bologna.

Blue jays do something similar with their tails. Whenever there is anxiety due to competition within the flock, an approaching squirrel, etc., the brilliant blue tail spreads. I saw tension between two competitors on the railing and aimed the camera and clicked just as the situation erupted more than usual. I partly missed the action but could see enough in the picture to see that I missed what would have been a nice action picture. But it shows both with their tails spread.

American goldfinchAmerican goldfinchAmerican Goldfinches are in winter plumage.

The neighbor with 7 gray foxes called to say there were 10 last night—a new record, and he only had enough chicken for three.Blue jaysBlue jays

I’m looking forward to GiveMN and the Courses.

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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