Bears and Wildlife - UPDATE October 28, 2018

At the WRI, a different bear put in an appearance with what are becoming unusually late dates Mouse on Ted's bowlMouse on Ted's bowlthat still don’t match Quill’s November 18 record. Quill was a cub on his own. This bear was probably a yearling. Gray foxes and raccoons have become regular visitors.

At the Bear Center, Iowa did some good camera jockeying to capture three videos in the last couple days.

One was a 3:39 -minute capture of pileated revisiting the Pat Tree

Another was 4-minutes of a snowshoe hare that found its way into Ted’s enclosure and got his attention We’ll see if it is still in his pen tomorrow.Ted and mouseTed and mouse

The third, 8:58 minutes long, took sharp eyes to follow woodland deer mice (big ears, long tail) moving around Ted’s chalet quiet as mice, up trees, and within inches of Ted’s nose. Ted noticed but was okay with it.

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center