Bear Still Coming and More - UPDATE October 26, 2018

Last night at 11:45 PM, a bear stopped by for 45 minutes. From what I’ve seen when walking with bears is that they rest maybe 22 hours a day by now here in this part of the country with little to no fall food.Pileated male woodpecker on the Pat Tree at NABCPileated male woodpecker on the
Pat Tree at NABC

Things are different in the eastern deciduous forest where fall is the major time for feeding. Right now is the time of hyperphagia there. Hyperphagia here is mid-July into September when wild foods fade.

But food is not always abundant in fall in the eastern deciduous forest. Acorn failures at this time of year can make for hungry bears like is happening in Virginia right now. I was happy to see the good comments made by wildlife experts there about the bears being hungry and not out to hurt people. They cited the North American Bear Center for some of their remarks at

At the Bear Center today, a beautiful male pileated woodpecker landed on the Pat Tree. Marge from Ireland was right on it, zooming in for a classic picture of it clinging to the tree with its crow-size black body and brilliant red crest and mustache. Excellent picture. Taught by Bears caught a nice 2:20 minute video of it, too.

I commend the mods for their vigilance and skill and the Bear Center for finding such a good camera.

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center