Night Shift and Holly - UPDATE October 20, 2018

After a nice evening with the grandkids last night, I woke up about 1:30 AM thinking about words I should write. I arrived at the WRI about 2 AM. Holly raking strawHolly raking strawBy then, I’d missed the two yearling bears that have been coming, but what a show out the window! First it was northern flying squirrels—skittish—probably because of the strong wind that makes bears nervous, too. Two of them eventually joined together and calmly shared the sunflower seed hearts on the railing. Then a third, not-so-peaceful one flew in and ran them off. After a bit, things settled down and the two were peacefully eating together again.

A couple hours later, it was gray foxes exploring the second floor deck outside the window checking for bologna. One, then another. Both found a slice. When they were gone, I put out more. They learn fast. Today in the daylight one was back repeatedly this afternoon—one slice per visit. When the easy bologna was gone, it keyed in on the smell of a slice out of sight on the railing but didn’t jump up to see. When it left, we hung slices partly over the side of the railing. Maybe that will convince him or her that it is really up there.

The camera is always on my desk aimed out the window. If anything happens, it’s easy to click. A blue jay sitting on a branch in beautiful blue sky sun looked extra blue. I clicked too late, but that instant gave the jay time be in position to show me most of its feathers spread out.

Gray fox Blue jay Flying squirrel
 Gray fox  Blue jay  Flying squirrel

At the Bear Center, Holly struck it rich with straw for the winter.

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center