Ted, Bears, and More - UPDATE October 14, 2018

A little after noon, Sharon sent a nice picture of Ted with these words:TedTed

Today, Ted in quick step made his way to the viewing area. The guests inside were in awe as Ted entered their sight. His shiny black coat, huge form and silver hairs on his forehead made for exciting pictures. They watched him step on the scale and learn his weight. Ted did a short walkabout, ate treats in front of the windows and moved off to the log pile to find more hidden foods. He successfully returned in his own time to his enclosure.

Good news, Sharon, thank you.

Here at the WRI, I haven’t seen a bear today, but when I arrived before 6 AM this morning I could see that at least one had visited overnight—probably a yearling from the tracks.Pine MartenPine Marten

Shortly after that, the day came alive. At 6:29 a pine marten appeared in the darkness but sat on a branch that had enough brightness from the yard light to snap a picture.

The first bird, a yellow-rumped warbler, came to the seed pile at 7:15, eleven minutes before official sunrise. The pink blur in the foreground is bologna I put out when I saw the pine marten.

In the next 5 minutes, chickadees, red-breasted nuthatches, blue jays, and the purple finch descended.

When it got a little lighter, the first fox sparrow I’ve seen in this fall migration made a grand entrance and sat for a portrait with its rufus breast spots.

It was a good way to start the day.

Purple finchPurple finch Yellow-rumped warblerYellow-rumped warbler Fox sparrowFox sparrow

PS: My dial tone is back, so I’m getting calls again. I hope I didn’t miss anything beyond solicitation calls.

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center