Survivors - UPDATE September 26, 2018

Back in business with email and internet again. It turned out that the router here got fried in the storm about a week ago. I missed writing these updates.Red Maple from 2014Red Maple from 2014

I’ve been hearing from people in the community about bears that survived the hunt. Many bears have gone off to hibernate or whatever and we won’t know about them until spring, but Lily, Ellie, Shadow, Bow, Donna, Roman, Jenny, V-Dot, Jack, Ty, Harry, Guy, Burt, Crackle, Ricky, Freddie, RC, Braveheart, Shannon, Ursula, Jewel, Samantha, Summer, Star, Fern, Vanna, Daisy, Vonnie, Sadie, and Ember are very likely among the survivors. Two litters of cubs were orphaned: those of 3-year-old Frannie (daughter of Lily) and those of 3-year-old Nancy (daughter of Bow).

Others I believe made it are Pete, Jordan, Lucy, and Ethel.

Pregnant females are the first to den, and adolescent males disperse from their home area at some point. So when they disappear, there are other explanations.

With the population down like it is, I wish the DNR would delay the season until after the busy Labor Day Weekend and give early denning pregnant females a better chance to survive and make it safer for hikers who have no idea that bear hunters are about.

Maple leaves are starting to add their colors to the landscape.

More to come.

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center.