Shadow’s Clan Questions - UPDATE September 16, 2018

Inquiring minds want to know. TedTed

Was it really Sophie who was shot this past May, orphaning 3 cubs? Yes, at first we were wondering if it was Samantha, but then she made an appearance, and we realized it was Sophie, who hasn't showed up since.

Where were Sophie’s cubs taken? To the Wild and Free Rehabilitation Center in Garrison, Minnesota.

Were there any sightings of Aster since 2014? No. The last sighting of her was when Lily chased her off that year and Aster went down near Babbitt. Without a radio collar we couldn’t keep further track of her.

Were there any sightings of Quill since April of this year? Not sure. Quill is difficult to identify, having common markings, and is hard to see up close, being shy. Quill and his slightly turned up nose remains a question. We are keeping our eyes open for him.

Did Lily’s 3-year-old daughter Frannie ever show up after disappearing during the hunting season and her cubs (Females Jade and Ruby) showed up alone? No.

At the Bear Center, Ted has a trusting chipmunk on him and doesn’t appear to be doing much about it. Cool.

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center