Shadow’s Clan 2018 - UPDATE September 14, 2018

If I’m counting right to include Shadow as the first generation, we’re now into her seventh generation as far as we’ve been able to record it. Shadow, Blackheart, Donna, Shannon, Star, Vonnie, and now Sallyann. Shadow 7-24-18Shadow 7-24-18Or Shadow, Blackheart, Donna, Shannon, Summer, Sadie, and now Stella. Other lineages that continue had longer gaps between generations and therefore fewer generations to date. The first lineage above had 3-6 years between recorded generations. The second lineage had 3-5 years.

We noticed that we hadn’t recorded the death of Juliet in 2014 on the Shadow's Clan sheet previously. ( found here on BearStudy ) and ( here on - click on "Resources" in left menu, then scroll down ). The last we saw her was on July 19 that year, if I remember right. Later we heard that a landowner shot her after we removed her radio collar in 2014, hoping to save her and others from being targeted by hunters. She lived in an area that contrasted with Eagles Nest in that landowners in Juliet’s area shot bears.

We’re encouraged by the longevities of bears that we have seen this year like Shadow (31), RC (19), Donna (18), Braveheart (16), Colleen (15), Shannon (13), Ursula (13), Bow (12), Lily (11), Jewel (9), Samantha (9), Summer (9), Star (9), Willow(7), Wendy (7), Daisy (7), Fern (6), Vanna (6), Ellie (5), Ember (5), and on down.

We’re also impressed with the longevities of the breeding males, several of which are in their 20’s (e.g., V-Dot, Jack, and probably Big Harry).

The average at death of the 36 clan bears that were shot is 4.56, including 3 cubs that were illegally shot by hunters. Statewide data shows that the average age at death of bears killed by hunters is 2.75 for males and 3.75 for females.

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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