Bear Action, Bear Talk - UPDATE August 20, 2018

Bears in action. Bears discussed. A wonderful time. One-eyed Jack is walking better, putting some weight on his bad hind leg so he doesn’t have to hop. Crackle showed up. Shadow by Pam GordonShadow by Pam GordonA Black Bear Field Course participant here for her fifth course had never seen Shadow. She did this time. The photo is by Course Participant Pam Gordon. All the participants in this course have been here at least twice before. For them, talk about bears includes many memories.

In the prior week, bear talk included interviews for the documentary. Looking forward to seeing it. The canoeing photo is from 4K video taken by a drone.

More bear talk was part of the concert by Pat and Donna Surface Friday night. Host Donna Surface shared a story with the packed auditorium about how it is to come from New York to the bear woods of Ely. Lynn in canoe - drone photo by JessieLynn in canoe - drone photo by JessieShe told how she and her husband came to the WRI, met bears, and now enjoy seeing bears, which this year was bears eating the abundant chokecherries on the trees outside their windows. They have written songs about the bears and the research. The North American Bear Center sells their music, and their music will likely be used in the documentary.

More good bear talk was with world renowned behaviorist Professor Tim Clutton-Brock and his colleague Dr. Marta Manser—the scientists studying the meerkats featured in the hit TV series Meerkat Manor on Animal Planet (2005-2008).

Much happening.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center