Bears, Cubs, and Interviews - UPDATE August 14, 2018

Among the many highlights of this day of bears and cubs was the return of RC and her family who had the neighborhood worried. RC's cub by Linda PottingerRC's cub by Linda PottingerShe coincidentally had disappeared for a few days after we heard a gunshot. We confirmed that she has two males and a female. All okay. The photos again are by Black Bear Field Course participants Denise Bradley and Linda Pottinger.

Among the bears was a lean newcomer—a long-legged young male, probably a 3-year-old, who may have stumbled into this area while dispersing from his natal area as young males do.

It was also a day of interviews for the documentary.

Beautiful weather, fun people, and bears that ranged from awesome to super cute. A great day.

RC by Denise BradleyRC by Denise Bradley RC and cubs by Linda PottingerRC and cubs by Linda Pottinger


Lean new maleLong Lean Male  InterviewsInterview

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center