Great Group, Great Bears and NABC Bears' 1/2 Birthday Party - UPDATE July 8, 2018

Writing the update early to not miss the bears at dusk. Soon after the Black Bear Field Course participants arrived today, 2-year-olds Fred (174 pounds) and Ricky (149 pounds) arrived. Interns with piñatasInterns with piñatasExcitement. Learning A great start. Among the bears being spotted for us to see are Lily and Shadow. At this moment, it's partly cloudy, 76°F, and mirror smooth water. Looking forward to tomorrow.

Today at the North American Bear Center we had our bears' 1/2 birthday party fundraiser. The four bears received piñatas filled with healthy treats.   

The interns shown in the photo are (left to right) Kayla, Emily, Morgan, Joshua and Norveig.Lucky in the tree after running away with his pinataLucky in the tree after
running away with his piñata

Holly received the smartphone piñata, Lucky received the milk bone (he carried it into the wooded area to enjoy in private), Ted had the watermelon and Tasha the pink guitar.

Videos of the event are here: - Combined video of the day's events - Another combined video from different angles - Ted opens his piñata - Holly along with Lucky carrying his away

HollyHolly TedTed TashaTasha

A message from the NABC:
Thank you to everyone that voted and donated towards bear food for the NABC Bears and Wild bears that visit the WRI. We are humbled by your generosity. Thanks to your support we were able to raise $1,750! Our bears receive a diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, and nuts to keep them healthy and happy. Thank you for helping us feed our bears.

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center