Berries Galore, Voting Victory in Sight, Marooned in the Dark - UPDATE July 3, 2018

In the woods, there is a fantastic berry crop. The blueberry (Vaccinium angustifolium) BlueberryBlueberrypicture tells the story. Juneberries (Amelanchier sp.) are coming on strong, with Wild Sarsaparilla (Aralia nudicaulis) berries right behind. All are favorites.

The last I heard, the old leader in the voting had soared to 1351 votes, while Black Bear Strong Lily Fans took the lead and have the Garbers at 1,659 votes. If we keep up the voting through July 5, victory is in sight. What a way to show appreciation to the Garbers for making possible everything we've been able to do for bears since 1999.

JuneberryJuneberriesI feel like I am marooned in the dark here without a dial tone, internet, email and WiFi. Those were working through Friday, Saturday, and Sunday midday after big falling trees took out three power poles on the property. Power was out for those days, except for the portion of the WRI covered by an automatic generator. Then, when the power company replaced the poles, the phone lines were cut, and the phone company says it will be July 20th before they can get someone here with them being terribly backed up. I believe it will be sooner, though, because they put the WRI on expedited status and said that it was part of a broad outage that is being worked on. It all stemmed from a big wind that caused major property damage from big falling trees throughout the region. The Bear Center was without power for nearly 3 days, forcing us to remain close through what is usually the two biggest weekends of the year.

If anyone has tried to call me, the answering service comes on and sounds normal, directing people to my cell phone, but I often don't get cell phone messages until more than a week after they are left. I haven't received any emails since late morning on Sunday, July 1.

To post this update, Mike Johnson will take a picture of my computer screen and send it to Linda (Gibson) McColley to type and post.

She will add what is happening in the voting and include the instructions on how to vote so Lily Fans can share the update and instructions with friends.

1689 - Camp'in and uke'in by Kim G
1353 - Sunset Melodies
922 - U Family

20180702 Vote
Here’s how to vote:

Go to

Scroll down past the form until you see the photos.

Click the heart in the vote box under the photo:
Camp’in and Uke’in (which will be at the top of the list)

Type in your mobile number

Click on Send Code

Look on your cell phone for the six number code
that will be sent to you.

Type in that code to register your vote.

If you want to share on facebook, here is a link you can use:


Thank you for all you do, including the voting.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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