Second Place and Getting Closer - UPDATE June 30, 2018

At the Bear Center, the power was off again today as the electric company works to restore power after the biggest blowdown I have ever seen. storm damage in ElyStorm damage in ElyThings are even worse in the Wildlife Research Institute area 15 miles west of the Bear Center. The electric company is figuring 5-7 days before power is returned here. Thank goodness we have a generator that powers our computer, printer, refrigerator, and some lights, so I can work.

Storm damage in ElyScott and Petey hard at workIn the voting contest to show our appreciation to Former Commissioner Allen Garber and Former Assistant Commissioner Kim Bonde, now Allen’s wife, Kim Garber, Lily Fans are showing their strength. As stated in the June 28 update, Allen and Kim made possible everything we’ve been able to do for bears since 1999, and that includes the research, the documentaries, the Den Cams, the Bear Center, and the very existence of Lily Fans and all that you have been able to do for bears and the area where they live.

Storm damage in ElyMore downed trees and power linesSince the last update, you narrowed the gap between first and second. First place now has 1,003 votes. You have boosted Allen and Kim closer with a new total of 706 votes. At this rate, with all of us voting once a day, we can pull ahead by the time voting ends on July 5. We can each vote once a day.

Here’s how to vote:

Go to

Scroll down past the form (that is for entering the contest) until you see the photos.

Click the heart in the vote box under the photo: Camp’in and Uke’in (which will be at the top of the list)

Type in your mobile number

Click on Send Code

Look on your cell phone for the six number code that will be sent to you.

Type in that code to register your vote.

Click on “Confirm and Continue”

I’m on pins and needles. The first place leader jumped up 160 votes over night to reach 1,000. We can each vote once per day. The contest ends on July 5th.

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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