Black Bear Strong, A Storm, and A Beginning - UPDATE June 29, 2018

Wow! Lily Fans remain Black Bear Strong. In voting these past 24 hours, you have boosted Allen and Kim Garber from 9th to 2nd in our effort to show ourVeronica and TedVeronica and Ted appreciation for all they have done for bears these past couple decades (see update for June 28). With your efforts, they have 405 votes and are on their way to catching the leader who has 840 votes. We can each vote once per day. Voting ends July 5. A few more days of voting like this, and they will be on track for a well deserved victory. Here’s how to vote:

Go to

Scroll down past the form (that is for entering the contest) until you see the photos.

Click the heart in the vote box under the photo: Camp’in and Uke’in (which will be at the top of the list)

Type in your mobile number

Click on Send Code

Look on your cell phone for the six number code that will be sent to you.

Type in that code to register your vote.

Click on “Confirm and Continue”

We can each vote once per day. Contest ends on July 5th. This will be interesting to follow.

Clean-up crewOn another note, baaad wind, lightning, and rain took down many big trees and left many without electricity. Roads were jammed with down trees. My daughter Kate and granddaughter Veronica could not drive to the airport. Ten friends plus the fire department rallied. In the picture are Sharon Herrell, Judy Thon, Judy McClure, Charlie Meyer, Scott Edgett, Spencer Peter (Petey), me, Lisa Hutchinson, and Don Taylor. The kids were on time for the airport. The word from the electric company is that it will be at least 4 days before power is restored.

13-year-old Veronica is going home with good memories. She came with the goal of helping at the Bear Center. She helped every way she could, but her favorite memory was seeing Ted and giving him a shower.

Here is a video of Ted on the cedar pile from last Sunday, courtesy of an NABC visitor:

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center