Excitement with Bears, Gulls, and Mergansers - UPDATE June 22, 2018

About 9 PM a couple days ago, after sending off the update, there was excitement outside the window. Four-year-old Scott, son of Jewel, grandson of June, great grandson of Shadow, Scott and LucyScott and Lucyreaffirmed his commitment to sire Lucy’s cubs. Lucy is the 2-year-old daughter of Samantha, granddaughter of Braveheart, great granddaughter of Blackheart, and great great granddaughter of Shadow. They started outside the window and continued down on the dock. Scott and Lucy were also together after dark the evening of June 12. We don’t know what they did between the 12th and the 20th.

Scott and LucyScott and LucyYearlings are typically wary and skittish following family breakup. Related and unrelated yearlings often buddy up, probably for security. But they didn’t feel very secure when a fox came to a feeding site where 5 of them were grouped. They ran away. That story reminded another resident of a pair of mallard ducks confidently walking toward a yearling that then ran from them.

Excitement with herring gulls is daily, especially when the various catchers come. It is fun to throw bologna like a Frisbee to a catcher that is watching head-on with binocular vision as the bologna comes sailing for it to catch in mid-air.

About 8:45 this morning, Mike, Lorie, and I saw something we had never witnessed before. Mike heard peeping outside the window and then saw the first duckling drop out the side of the nest box about 20 feet to the ground. After a second did that, that mother emerged from the main entrance and also dropped to the ground. Duckling after duckling did the same as Mike came to get me to snap a picture. I saw two drop to the ground in rapid succession, but they were done by the time I got in position with the camera. We watched for them to leave but saw nothing. There was only one direction they could have gone without our seeing them—toward Eagles Nest Lake. About 9:45, we went down to that dock. There they were—the mother hooded merganser and her 9 ducklings about an hour out of the nest. With their fuzzy heads, they were the youngest ducklings I have ever seen. I had never before seen any hole-nesting ducklings make the leap out of their nest holes. A good day.

Herring gullHerring gull Hooded MerganserHooded Merganser Hooded Merganser w/ chicksHooded Merganser w/ chicks

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Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center