Bear News - UPDATE June 20, 2018

Although today is almost the longest day of the year, there still weren’t enough hours in it. Mikah's cubMikah's cubFor Lucky, the night was too short and he slept in a bit. From the pile of branches next to him, I wonder if he was tired from climbing the aspen tree near him and breaking off branches.

Mike and Lorie made a good check of bear happenings in the area. At the deep rock den, trail cam pictures showed it to be a pretty busy place. Lily came through with her two yearlings before family breakup and then alone after family breakup. Loppy came through also but we don’t know if it was because Lily had been there. She was seen with a male elsewhere on June 2nd. Since then, Lily’s two yearlings were each caught separately on camera at the den. Ember as well, was caught several times on camera at the den—always alone. She is June’s orphan of 2013 and still hasn’t had cubs as a 5-year-old this year.

LuckyLuckyAt another place, Mike and Lorie saw Jewel with her 3 cubs and also Jewel’s 4-year-old daughter Mikah with one female cub, her first litter. We all know the story of what happened when Lily had only one cub. We’ll be watching to follow this story with Mikah.

Two weeks ago, after Lily had been with a male, she came across her male yearling up a tree. Three times, she pulled him down as if to let him know he wasn’t welcome to be hanging around her after family breakup, but she didn’t injure him at all. Just another of the many ways family breakup can occur or be enforced.

Last night, 5-year-old Ellie chased a yearling away several times on camera at another place where she and her yearlings had spent time together before family breakup. On her final attempt to chase him away, she quietly stalked him but he saw her and ran.

MikahMikahIn the last two days, Lily, Lucy, and Ethel put in appearances to the delight of all who reported them.

At the Bear Center an intern and Tasha had a tug-of-war (tug-of-fun) in this 46-second video

Meanwhile, talk is ramping up about the LilyPad Picnic coming up in a month, starting with a bonfire at the Bear Center Friday evening, July 20. Tickets are available at

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center