Jumping Bears, LilyPad Picnic - UPDATE June 18, 2018

Jumping bears are the fad on the internet these last few days. It turns out that they are good broad jumpers but not so much high jumpers.Bear jumping over streamBear jumping over stream - WRI file photo

First, a friend sent a video of a black bear jumping to reach his bird feeder. It gives an idea how high to hang bird feeders if you want to keep them out of reach of bears. https://youtu.be/ETkag8Fvmm8

Then, there is this cute 17-second video of a spectacled bear from South America mimicking a little boy jumping in the Nashville Zoo on June 14 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=inmLutogRtI

Lilypad picnicThis picture of the black bear broad-jumping the stream is one I took decades ago.

On another note, I got a nice email that the 9th annual LilyPad Picnic is coming up on July 20-22 and it is time for people to start purchasing their tickets at www.lilypadpicnic.com. Looking forward to it. Always fun. A great way to meet Lily Fans who are keyed into Lily and the other bears. Good activities, good food, good silent auction, nice bonfire at the Bear Center, a big weekend.

Thank you for all you do, and I hope to see many Lily Fans there.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center