The Four Bears- UPDATE June 17, 2018

Bear News from Sharon – June 17, 2018

Happy Father’s Day!

LuckyLuckyIt’s good to be back with the bears! On my first day back this week I took a walk to see all my sweet bears. Ted by-passed food to greet me, I was amazed. I think the big guy missed me. Next I saw Tasha who immediately wanted a back rub. She moved her paws to behind her ears for a scratch and then to the top of her head. She also got a lip tug, which is something that bonds us. She is a funny little bear. The interns thought she was very cute and enjoyed the way she moved her paws to guide my hands to the "itchy" part of her head.

TashaTashaLucky seemed happy too, he smelled my hand for a long time before taking a treat. Then there is my Holly bear; she also asked for a back rub. I was quick to respond because we had had words before I left and she had the final word that day. Estrus continues to rule the enclosure.

In just two weeks we will celebrate the bears half-birthday. Each year we celebrate in late June. This year, we will celebrate on July 1 at 9 am CT, so our loyal fans from across the pond can get in on the action too. Each bear will receive a piñata filled with treats. To make it fun, you all get to vote for which piñata each bear will receive. It’s a fun way to raise money for the care of our bears. Watch for all the details coming soon on our Facebook page TedTedand a mailing to our subscribers. If you haven’t subscribed to our newsletters you can do so by clicking on this link and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Thank you for all you do.
Sharon Herrell, Senior Bearkeeper

HollyHollyTasha knows what she is doing with this feeding tube. She seemed to be looking for grapes and rolled it back and forth when they were finally gone.

From a couple days ago, Lucky and Holly’s play was spectacular and familiar to those who have watched them over the years

Part 1: 13:07 minutes longSamanthaSamantha

Part 2: 11:20 minutes long

Many thanks to the mod who captured these.

Another mod forwarded this 2-minute video of “Sweet T” moving more slowly on a hot summer day

We were happy to see lactating Samantha today but didn’t see her cubs.

Word is that nice Ursula made it through and is back.

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center