My First Look at Jewel - UPDATE June 5, 2018

A call about Jewel started the excitement for today. Apparently, Jewel needed a break from the cubs and time at a spa. Jewel in tubJewel in tubWith her cubs watching from a tree, she jumped in a pool for some frisky time and down time. It was good to see her getting good care from residents of this generally nature-loving community.

Jewel in tubJewel in tubAfter Jewel went up and called the cubs down from the tree, they moved on. They were barely out of sight when a yearling appeared, one of Braveheart’s males (not sure which at this time—Miles, Hugh, or Hubert). It’s only been a few days since family breakup, and this yearling was nervous on his own. He stayed near trees and was up and down with every tiny sound. On windy days, some yearlings stay up trees all day. They miss the protection of their moms who probably also provide judgment of the real danger or lack of it from the many sounds. The identity sleuths have been going through pictures to identify the big male who was with Braveheart, and they are leaning toward 13-year-old Pete, son of June.

Jewels cubsJewel's cubs Donnas granddaughterDonna's granddaughter Bravehearts yearlingBraveheart's yearling

Then excitement came from other residents who saw their first cubs of the year. One of 18-year-old Donna’s daughters from 2015 brought her cubs. The proud residents sent a picture so cute I had to share.

Things are ramping up for the first Black Bear Field Course in about a month.

At the Bear Center, Ted seemed to know that a dip was the in thing for today. He, too, had his frisky moments and relaxed moments in this 11-minute video

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center