The New View, A Good Memory, and Lucy - UPDATE May 12, 2018

Today, Ted came near the windows to explore the former forbidden ground. A visitor saw his size up close and took a picture. Ted up closeTed up closeI’m glad to have the electric fence wires gone from most of the windows. Looking forward to visitors’ reactions.

I happened across this old 2003 picture taken of 3-year-old Dot at her den checking her two female 2-month-old cubs Cinder and Trueheart. Somehow, I’d always worn my green fleece jacket around Dot. I found out she recognized me by it, although she also knew my smell and voice. When I wore that jacket that I never washed, she immediately knew me and ignored me. One day, I came to her den without it. She blew and slapped nervously toward me until I left. I knew to dress properly after that. Dot in 2003Dot in 2003I got a call from the BBC wondering if I could help with a documentary they were making. They wondered if I had anyone dumb enough to crawl into the den of a mother with cubs and place a camera under her to show the cubs. I said I thought I did. They came. Wearing the green jacket she was fine. I placed the camera several times on different days. Then there was a blizzard. At first my jacket was green. I stepped away for a few minutes and came back white. She lunged up out of the den toward me. I spoke and gave her my hand to smell. She relaxed, and I was accepted again even though there was a camera crew within a few feet of me. It was as if I said it was okay, it was okay with her. I was no threat to her cubs. It felt good to be accepted. There will be more stories of her in the book that I hope to get back to in a couple months or so.

LucyLucyOut the window, Lucy stopped by for some sunflower seeds and was her usual calm self. We identify her by her face and separate her from her littermate Ethel by Lucy’s 3 white hairs on her chest. I look forward to introducing Bear Course participants to her.

I have to make another confession. I believe I was wrong a couple weeks ago about a baby woodchuck (chuckling) being out. I now believe that was a young one from last year.

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center