More on Charlie - UPDATE May 9, 2018

One of my memories with Charlie is tracking down Lily on June 27, 2013. River crossing with Lynn, Charlie and ZachCharlie, Lynn and Zach 6-27-13Jim Stroner was there with his camera to take pictures. Also with us was Zach Vavricka from the local TV news channel KBJR.

Charlie Lynn and ZachCharlie, Lynn and Zach 6-27-13Lily’s signal showed she was only a hundred yards ahead across a stream. We had walked nearly a mile to that point. If we didn’t cross the stream right then, Lily could be far from any road or trail by the time we’d catch up to her some other way. Charlie very much wanted to meet her after all he’d heard about her. He had no problem getting wet to do it. Zach managed to keep his camera dry. Jim snapped a picture. Shortly, we introduced Charlie to Lily.

Charlie Russell, Lynn Rogers & Lily 6-27-13Charlie, Lynn & Lily 6-27-13Charlie views bears the same way I do. He views them as intelligent animals with personalities and the ability to learn. They can learn to fear and be defensive, or they can learn to trust. There are so many misconceptions about the danger of bears. Charlie had spent much of his life spreading the truth about them. Lily doesn’t fit any of the misconceptions. Eleven-year-old Lily has been and could still be a wonderful ambassador for bears if her story could be told.

Soon, her two yearlings will be off on their own. Lily will find a mate. I’m looking forward to seeing her and following her life to the extent I can.

On June 28, 2013, Charlie gave a talk at the local college about his experiences with brown bears. His experiences are so different from what most would expect from these big bears.Team Forward with staff and researchers 6-28-13Team Forward with staff and researchers 6-28-13

Team Forward was there to help with the presentation any way they could. They posed with the researchers and staff for a group picture with Charlie (left to right Laurie Athmann, Sarah Paro, Linda Gibson McColley, Jackie Runions, Jim Runions, Terry Hagenah, Lynn Rogers, Jill Gilderman, Nadine Long, Sue Mansfield, Charlie Russell, and Patrick "Moe" McKibbage).

Wet Red FoxWet red foxWe captured the talk and merged it with Charlie's powerpoint presentation as can be seen on this video here

Red Fox sleepingRed fox sleepingOut the window last night, one of the red foxes was sleeping with enough light from the yard light for a picture. When I went out and started my van to go home, I could see the fox sit up, but it is familiar enough with that sound that it stayed put. It was sleeping in a depression dug by a wolf a couple weeks ago. Today, the fox walked by the same spot, bedraggled from the rain. Much of the red fur on its back has been shed.

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center