Tasha on the Move, Gull is Back - UPDATE April 12, 2018

Sharon wrote:

Today, Tasha was out enjoying the sun and her treats. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B65dfX5wi6c Red squirrel with white feetRed squirrel with white feetShe took a dog biscuit and walked across the rock bridge and sat down. She then went into the trees near the over flow drain and came out stomp walking . She did this over the same spot several times. She went back to the Pat tree turned and ran back to trees. She then climbed the Cub tree.

Here at the WRI, there was enough fresh snow this morning to show clear woodchuck tracks: 5 toes on the big hind foot, and 4 toes and a vestigial thumb on the smaller front foot—similar to other marmots.

Herring gull "Clear Eyes"Herring gull "Clear Eyes" Clear Eyes flyingClear Eyes flying

By afternoon, the snow had melted (45°F) and the first gull arrived—18 days later than last year (March 26 in 2017). It was Clear Eyes, but I didn’t recognize him at first and did the wrong thing. He’s the one we can toss slices of bologna to and see him catch them in his beak. We didn’t have any bologna thawed, though, and it was an emergency, so we gave him the last of the $13/pound wild caught birthday salmon treat Donna made. Not recognizing him, I walked toward him, saw him get edgy, and fly away. I was supposed to stand back and toss it. He circled over a few times and came in for it (picture) and loved it.

ChickadeeChickadee Woodchuck tracksWoodchuck tracks


I’ve heard of white-footed mice. I saw a picture of a rare mutant white-footed gray squirrel, but I never heard of a white-footed red squirrel until one was sitting in front of me out the window a couple days ago.

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center