Tasha, Ted, June, Lily - UPDATE March 30, 2018

Tasha made her grand entrance in dramatic style—black against white last night in the light. She was out late. Word is that she visited Holly in her trek. Looking forward to seeing them play. I got a call just now that she is out again, this time eating sunflower seeds that dropped near the viewing deck.

June and Lily on 4-22-07June and Lily on 4-22-07

Ted was out last night, too, checking things out mostly within the confines of bare ground. Cold is predicted for this coming week without much melting.

Petey in booth 3-4-18Petey in booth 3-4-18Spencer Pete, a.k.a. Petey our hard-working 22-year-old addition to the staff was out spreading the word earlier this month looking woodsy and sharp in his red checked flannel jacket.Petey in booth 3-4-18Petey Selfie 3-4-18

We found a picture of June and Lily from April 22, 2007 that I have been wanting to find for a long time. It is my favorite picture of those two. It is so good that I want to see it every day on a coffee mug if we can find a manufacturer who can make it dishwasher safe and durable. I like the look in dear June’s eyes. Same for very cute little Lily with her light face. I like the way Lily had a paw up to June’s face and June has Lily cuddled in her arms. I want to have that mug sitting around so I can tell people who those special bears are. I’d like to see it on other paraphernalia, too. I can’t think of a better remembrance of those two together that spring. I don’t know where Cal and Bud were at the time, but Lily looks snug and contented as can be.ChickadeeChickadee

Out the window, a chickadee showed its version of grabbing dinner on the fly.

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center