The Calm Before the Celebrations - UPDATE March 28, 2018

Ted never really stopped to hibernate as far as sleeping all the time, and now he is ever more active.Pileated malePileated male

Lily Fans caught 3 videos of him in action today:

Ted gets snacks from Sharon 3/28/18
Hey Ted! What's shakin'? 3/28/18
Ted stretches to lick some ice, grabs a snow snack "to go" 3/28/18

PileatedPileated maleA celebration will be when familiar bears show up. I’m especially anxious to see Lily, Shadow, and Jack—each for different reasons.

Another celebration will be when the four bears—Ted, Lucky, Holly, and Tasha are up and cruising around the pond.

Pileated femalePileated femaleBut for now, out the window, the excitement was a happy red squirrel on a pile of sunflower seeds and the pair of pileated woodpeckers together. The female came to the suet first with her black mustache and dark (not red) forehead. As I snapped a picture of her, the male landed. His black body can be seen just beyond the female. I was cautious not to scare the female when snapping her picture, but I’m less cautious about the male. He saw me in the window and looked at me, showing his red mustache and red crest that goes all the way to his bill. Then, ignoring me, he went to work on the suet.Red squirrelRed squirrel

I’m also looking forward to the fun of the Black Bear Field Courses. Only two spots open now—one in the July 8-11 course and one in the July 15-18 course.

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center