Ted, Wildlife, Special Event - UPDATE March 22, 2018

Last night at 9:30 PM, a Lily Fan caught Ted in brief action in this 5-minute video https://youtu.be/clfEv6K-YSU. Red foxRed foxNight shots like this come out so good.

Pileated woodpecker femalePileated woodpecker femaleOut the window, it was a nice wildlife day at the desk. The day started with deer arriving and immediately coming closer as I threw corn to them off the second floor deck.. The female pileated woodpecker has seen me sitting here enough that she sits tight now when I grab the camera and point it at her. It’s the same for the crow. Today, the crow clung to the suet, looked at me, and kept eating as the nearly 5-inch wide eye of the long lens took aim. Chickadees don’t mind at all, especially when they’re hungry. The other early morning as the chickadees were just starting, 4 landed on my hand in less than a half minute—just as fast as they could land and take off, one after the other. Then they were done. The others apparently have not learned that yet. Each night some chicken disappears from the second floor deck when no one is looking. We glimpsed a pine marten the other day and suspect he or she is the culprit. It was so quick to run when it saw me that it might be a new one. The red fox is getting used to a person in the window and tonight would only look up at me in the window if I made a high air sound. Talking didn’t do it. It was eating chicken and some iffy fish from the freezer. It’s the one with the scar on its nose that comes regularly. Foxes must be smart to learn to ignore inconsequential stimuli so quickly.

Seeing wildlife, and now to see the deer responding, are highlights of each day. I look forward to a lot of the action continuing through the summer, adding to the excitement of seeing bears. The pileated woodpeckers have been here as a pair several times. I would love it if they nested in the old red pine snag they used here several times over the years.

Red fox with chickenRed fox with chicken CrowCrow
ChickadeeChickadee Deer waitingDeer waiting

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Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center