First Day of Spring - UPDATE March 20, 2018

Spring began today at 11:15 AM Central Time when the sun crossed over the equator, giving equal light to both the north and south hemisphere. ChickadeeChickadee

CrowCrowHere, the temperature was only 30°F. Nothing seemed that different. Last night was the usual wildlife show for Peggy except that it was unusual to see an unusually big raccoon feeding on date mash not far from a gray fox. Today, chickadees were on their usual quest for sunflower seed hearts. The crow that will watch me in the window was up for suet. I was at my desk as usual trying to type fast without too many mistakes.

I got a couple calls from Black Bear Field Course participants making plane reservations. It’s always exciting to think of that time of bears and fun. There is one space left in the July 8-11 course and three spaces in the July 15-18 course.Raccoon and gray foxRaccoon and gray fox eating

Getting ready to talk with Jane Goodall on the evening of March 24. Good things happening.

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center