Ted, Bucky - UPDATE March 11, 2018

A Lily Fan captured a 10-minute video a couple days ago of Ted delicately taking mouthfuls of snow and placing them on the back of his paw to eat in dainty bites—like he does with a cluster of grapes. BuckyBuckyHe did something similar with straw at the 4:50 mark. He starts digging and raking straw at the 7:30 mark. Ted is being a rather active bear again. Almost time for a visit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7WoBmK0Sc0Y.

Bucky has been active, too. Yesterday, he was here midday eating sunflower seed hearts and then some date mash. I snapped a picture through the window showing his left side where we wondered about his eye some weeks back. It’s fine. Then he ran down the steps. I dashed to the window to see if he would go down the knot hole in the deck again. Nope. He was climbing the big white pine at the base of the steps, went around to the back side when he saw me crank open a window for a picture, and disappeared. I looked for him resting on a branch up the tree but nothing. I suspect he went to the very top of the tree where he’d seldom run into trouble with other squirrels. I was surprised and happy to see how agilely he went up the tree like any other squirrel.

Today, I was surprised to see him eating sunflower seeds on the second floor deck when there was only one other squirrel. All peaceful. I eased the door open a foot, he noticed the movement and ran. The other squirrel, much closer to the door, kept eating. The remote trap hopefully will be able to catch him, so we can take him to the veterinarian.

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center