Ted, No Bucky, Live Trap - UPDATE March 9, 2018

The picture a Lily Fan caught of Ted coming out of his chalet today made me want to go up to him and hear the friendly welcoming grunts and get his welcoming lick. TedTedAnd maybe collect the scat on his doorstep that he deposited a couple days ago.

Out the window, the crow was back getting bites from a slab of bacon.

Three deer were here to eat corn, and they knew what I was doing when I threw handfuls down from the second floor deck. When I walked out to the garage, they looked and went back to eating. Coming back, they looked again but went right back to eating when I walked my usual path—even as I got closer to them crunching snow as I did. Not a look as I passed by maybe 35 feet away. It feels good to be recognized and ignored. They must feel safe here. When they were done eating, the mother lay down and her fawn stood calmly by her.

Red squirrelRed squirrel Doe and fawnDoe and fawn CrowCrow

No Bucky so far today although 13 other squirrels were here, including the one pictured. I have to leave work early to take Donna and one of her friends to dinner. Donna called and said the live trap arrived at home. I’ll probably set it Sunday afternoon after Peggy (assistant bookkeeper) arrives, so we can take Bucky to the veterinarian on Monday.

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center