Signs of Spring - UPDATE March 8, 2018

A groundhog came out and saw its shadow today, but it’s nearly 5 weeks late to qualify for groundhog dayWoodchuckWoodchuck and have anything to do with predicting weather. Actually, we could have some snow on the ground for another 6 weeks (until April 19) and not all bears will be out of their dens by then. Mothers with cubs could still be in.

CrowCrowAnother sign of spring was a crow, although the first sighting here was on February 25 (11 days ago). He didn’t seem worried about me in the window, so it might be the tamer crow from the last couple years. I like the thought of it migrating thinking of this place as a destination.

Bucky put in an appearance at 6 PM after the other squirrels were gone. He ate seeds at his usual spot for awhile and then went for date mash. It was dusk but it looks brighter in the picture. Then he went down the steps and was gone before I could get to another window to see where he was headed. The other squirrel picture is a squirrel at Bucky’s usual spot earlier. I heard that the remote trap might be here tomorrow. If I catch him, I don’t know what the veterinarian will do. He can snip the overgrown teeth back to a proper length, but I’ve been reading that they grow back fast, like in a month, and they don’t recommend releasing squirrels back to the wild that will develop the same problem again. I am surprised how well he can run and jump to a tree and run down it.

BuckyBucky Red squirrelRed squirrel

The chicken leg got moved from on top of the bear feeder to down on the deck, so I think the gray fox visited. A neighbor saw 7 of them last night.

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center