Ted, Bucky - UPDATE March 6, 2018

Today, at 11:36 AM, Ted stepped out to the latrine area as wild bears may also be doing. TedTedFeces have been slowly building up all winter from dead cells that slough off the interior of the digestive tract. The same thing happens in starving humans. Eventually, there is enough feces to merit a trip to the latrine. For wild bears, this might be in the corner of a den, just outside the entrance, or some distance from the den as we saw with Dot back in 2003. The feces usually contains parts of the foot pads they chewed off, hair removed while grooming, and bits of vegetation from their bedding. Ted’s feces landed on his walkway, which makes it easy to find and retrieve. If I get free of the desk in the next few days, I’ll pop up there and grab it for a look. I suspect it will have bits of straw that Ted wasn’t able to spit out after moving mouthfuls of it around in his den. I don’t know for sure if he ate any or not. The feces might also let us know if anyone sneaked Ted a grape or two if the grapes were not the seedless kind. Ted is a sweetheart, and anyone who might have slipped him a grape is sweet at heart, too. It will be nice to see him. Video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJmGL4GGA34.

Trapped red squirrel - pre-release Trap Trap
Remote controlled live trap

Out the window, Bucky did not show today. Maybe he moved elsewhere from the porch deck. A nice Lily Fan emailed that a remotely operated live trap is in the mail. It can be baited and put in view and triggered only if Bucky enters it and I push a remote button at my desk. I look forward to getting it.

Thank you for sending the live trap. Thank you all for all you do, including donating toward a new PTZ camera.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center