Bucky, Ted, Annie, PTZ Fundraiser - UPDATE March 3, 2018

Bucky appeared at 11 AM when there was only one other squirrel here. I took the cage out. Bucky went up a tree. I put the cage at the base of the tree. Bucky surprised me by jumping to another tree. Annie and her 5 cubs 9/5/17Annie and her 5 cubs 9/5/17Another squirrel entered the live trap but didn’t spring it. I moved the live trap to Bucky’s usual spot where I caught a different squirrel. The squirrel kept eating for another 10 minutes apparently unaware that the door had sprung. When it tried to get out, it finally began quickly looking for an exit. I opened the door and it exited without panic. Annie and her 5 cubs a couple weeks laterAnnie and her 5 cubs
a couple weeks later
The picture is of that squirrel calmly eating before it realized it was caught. I set it again. Bucky appeared at 1:45 PM when there was another lull in the squirrels but stayed at the base of the tree where I’d had the live trap in the first place. I took pictures through the window and noticed a big lump on its nose that appears to be from the lower tooth protruding through the roof of his mouth into the nasal passage and possibly beyond. One of the pictures showed the lower tooth aimed straight for the lump. I hope we catch him soon and get him to the vet.

A couple more questions from the list:

  1. Why do you think Ted isn’t sleeping soundly this year? I don’t recall him being awake as much in the past when denned by himself.
    Answer: This is a stumper. I don’t know exactly, but I don’t think his fall weight was that much different from past years. Sharon would know. I thought of asking him but was sure he would just say he wasn’t that sleepy this year. I was pretty sure he wouldn’t tell me why.

  2. What are the odds of Annie successfully raising five cubs?
    Answer: Hard to say. Annie is the first bear with 5 cubs I’ve ever seen. I do know that my small sample size of bears with four cubs raised fewer of them to a family break-up than mothers with 3. With supplemental feeding, the five cubs are doing very well. From the pictures the landowner sent, Annie looks good and plump in the picture from September 5, 2017 and her cubs look good and healthy. I’m told the other picture was taken a couple weeks later and the cubs look a lot bigger between fattening and fur growth. They were seen at another feeding site in early October, so I suspect they will make it through the winter weight-wise. I’d be surprised if, at this point, they don’t all make it to family break-up in May or early June. I’m hoping they stay safe crossing Highway 169, which is in their home range.

Trapped red squirrel - pre-releaseTrapped red squirrel - pre-release BuckyBucky


I got this message today about the PTZ Fundraiser that starts today.

“Soon our beloved Ambassador Bears will be emerging from their dens and welcoming Spring. We can't wait to see them!

Unfortunately, the PTZ Cam at the Pond and Viewing area is aging, and we've lost some of the function to accurately control the cam. Without this control, it will be impossible to follow the bears as they roam throughout the viewing area. We've all enjoyed watching our bears as they forage, climb trees, play, swim in the pond, and enjoy their enrichment time. So Let’s all Spring ahead together and March into Spring with a Campaign to fund a new PTZ cam and the necessary wiring for the Pond area at the NABC! The link to donate is https://www.bear.org/website/how-to-help/new-ptz-camera-fund/donate-now-new-ptz-camera-fund.html Your support is much appreciated!”

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center