Ted, Bucky, Seeds, Gray Foxes, Birds - UPDATE March 2, 2018

Ted came out of his den for about 10 minutes this afternoon, as captured in a nice video by a Lily Fan. TedTedHe was stretching, yawning, walking a bit, eating snow and raking more straw into his den before settling back in. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lw0ply0HTEg

I got a look at every red squirrel that stopped by Bucky’s favorite spot—No Bucky, but I’m confident after yesterday that he’ll be back. After seeing two gray foxes on the second floor deck last night, I put out about 10 pounds of chicken (39 cents a pound) to see them outside my window. Nope. They preferred sunflower seeds where I’d slipped and dumped a scoop that was supposed to be for Bucky. The foxes were back, one of them for a picture. The chickadees and red-breasted nuthatch were on their way to the seeds at Bucky’s spot.

Chickadee Chickadee Chickadee
Chickadee Chickadee Chickadee
Gray Fox Red-breasted nuthatch Red Squirrel
Gray Fox Red-breasted nuthatch Red squirrel

Questions from Lily Fans:

  1. Do you suspect that there is a relationship between Broken Antler’s aggressive behavior and the late shedding of his antler?
    Answer: Yes. The abscission layer between the antler and the pedicle forms as a decrease in testosterone and increasing minutes of sunlight per day, they say on Google, and I’ve never heard any different.

  2. In the 2/14/18 update there is a picture of a chickadee with no tail. Is it just the feathers that are missing? Will it be able to survive the winter?
    Answer: Yes, it is just the feathers, and it seems to be doing fine, although I haven’t seen it for a couple days.

For the Black Bear Field Courses, there is one spot left in the first course (July 8-11) and 4 spots left in the second course (July 15-18).

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center