The Squirrel - UPDATE February 24, 2018

The photo is not the squirrel with the bad teeth. It’s one of his competitors, but I’m glad the squirrel with the long teeth braved the competition Red squirrelRed squirrelto come here a week or so ago. It probably was the only place he could find enough to eat. I haven’t seen other squirrels threaten him, but he mostly comes around when few other squirrels are here.

I’m thinking that on Monday, when the veterinary office is open, I’ll put out a Havahart live-trap that is like a little cage. I’ll put it where the squirrel (can’t think of a name for him) usually eats just outside the window from my desk. Other squirrels would get caught only briefly because I’ll see them right away if I stay hard at work at my desk like I should. I’ll spot the squirrel as soon as he arrives, not by his tooth and face, but by his halting way of moving.

The veterinarian is the same one we use for the Bear Center. He is unusual in having quite a bit of experience with wild animals.

Thank you for all your encouraging stories of success in similar situations.

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center