Ted, Straw, Deer, Birds - UPDATE February 7, 2018

Ted seemed to be enjoying himself with his fresh straw. A Lily Fan captured his actions as he arranged it to his liking in this 7-minute video.Chickadee flyingChickadee flying https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Xs5Nl5jKU4 He becomes more visible and active as the video goes on.

Out the window, Broken Antler is his same old self but a bit disarmed without his antler. He still puts his head down when he goes after other deer, but when he gets close he rises up and uses his hooves to drive his point home. The deer know him and keep an eye out for him. When he is not around, up to 10 deer gather to eat the corn that is widely scattered for easy access to all. He still gets along pretty well with his buddy Fork Horns who is also disarmed.

White-breasted nuthatchWhite-breasted nuthatch Chickadee flyingChickadee flying


On this bright day, a stream of black-capped chickadees grabbed seeds and flew off with them, leaving puffs of snowflakes in their wakes. A white-breasted nuthatch male (black crown) took his time ingesting multiple seeds and showing off his longish beak, chestnut-colored vent, and bluish gray back.

Watching Broken AntlerWatching Broken Antler Cautiously entering the yardCautiously entering the yard Broken Antler clearing the yardBroken Antler clearing the yard

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center